Hardcore ()

directed by Dennis Iliadis
featuring Katerina Tsavalou, Danai Skiadi, Ioannis Papazisis, Omiros Poulakis, Andreas Marianos

Two young women on the wrong side of both society and the law fall into a dangerous love affair in this stylish drama from Greece. Martha (Katerina Tsavalou) is a cynical 17-year-old drug addict who supports her habit by working as a prostitute for pimp Manos (Andreas Marianos). Martha has resigned herself to a short and ugly life on the streets when she meets Nadia (Danai Skiadi), a 16-year-old who has fallen into the street life and is also hooking for Manos. Martha and Nadia are rivals at first, especially when Nadia ...

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2005 Release



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2005, Odeon / Strand Releasing

UPC: 712267250127


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