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Best Selling Historical fiction Books

Historical Fiction Books

You can watch Merchant Ivory films till you find yourself speaking in Victorian era slang, but if you want to really immerse yourself in period drama, you've got to dive into Historical Fiction Books. Only in a novel that weaves its tale carefully through the details of a bygone time can you get a real feel for the intricacies of the era. Whether you want to get lost in the romantic sweep of Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series or follow the cultural twists and turns of James A. Michener's sociologically astute The Source. We've got enough Historical Fiction Books to keep you time traveling in perpetuity.

London: The Novel

London: The Novel

See a city come to life. Edward Rutherfurd is like the Steven Spielberg of historical fiction, spinning epic yarns that gather a multitude of striking characters into the broad, bold sweep of the story. With his unique blend of fact and fancy, he's crafted living literature from the histories of the great nations and cities, and here he tackles the town that's made England tick from day one. In fact, day one is pretty much where Rutherfurd's London saga starts, as he moves through some two thousand years of British history. It's no day trip, but Edward Rutherfurd's London is well worth the journey.

Best-selling Historical Fiction titles