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Gift Ideas & Inspiration

Alibris has always been your source for Books, Music and Movies. On this page we will share gift guides and ideas as well as our favorites for your friends and family. Through the years we have amassed an amazing treasure-trove of titles including hard to find and collectible Books, your favorite Movies and Music in all of their formats as well as all the newest releases.


Celebrate Summer

featured gift guide

We have a lot to celebrate in life. We wanted to take the opportunity to celebrate some fun topics that really go together like summer, ice cream, parties, and comics. Picture if you will a summer BBQ at the beach. Grandma is serving ice cream to everyone but the kids are off reading comics and playing in the surf. That's the summer vibe we want to give off in this gift guide. Let's take away your stress and place you in a party mood as you browse through this gift guide.