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You Are All Diseased ()


As the years progress, George Carlin only gets angrier -- and, considering that the world is just getting more ridiculous, that may be the only response. Fortunately, his anger keeps him sharp, and that's why he's still fascinating and funny in 1999, when most of his peers have dried up. The key to his success is that he doesn't continue to recycle his routines -- he writes new material which illustrates that he's not just a comedian, he's a commentator. He tackles a number of subjects on You Are All Diseased, from familiar ...

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  1. How's Everybody Doin'?
  2. Airport Security
  3. Fear of Germs
  4. Cigars
  5. Angels
  6. Harley Davidson
  7. House of Blues
  8. Minority Language: A-Happens to Be B-Openly C-Urban D-Girlfriend
  9. Man Stuff: A--Slugfest B--Cut-Off Sleeves C--Barbed Wire Tattoo ...
  10. Kids and Parents: Children Are Overrated/They're Not All Cute/
  11. TV Tonight: A--Playboy Channel B--Jerry Springer C--Little House ...
  12. Names
  13. Advertising Lullabye
  14. American Bullshit
  15. Businessmen
  16. Religion
  17. There Is No God
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You Are All Diseased
1999, Atlantic

UPC: 075679282828


You Are All Diseased
1999, Atlantic

UPC: 075679282842


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