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Western Wind: Mass by John Taverner & Court Music for Henry VIII ()

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composed by Anonymous, Anonymous, English, English Traditional, Gregorian Chant, Henry VIII, King of England, Hugh Aston, John Taverner, William Cornysh

What you have here is a well-performed sampling of music from England in the early 16th century. Because of the way the program is organized, the listener's mind may try to organize it into something more coherent than that, but it may not succeed. The centerpiece is the Western Wind Mass of John Taverner, which is broken up with secular pieces and then followed by music that might have been heard at the court of Henry VIII. This doesn't correspond to any program that would have been heard in Henry's time; chant and ...

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  1. The western wind, folk song
  2. Kyrie
  3. Mass "The Western Wind," for 4 voices: Gloria
  4. My Lady Carey's Dompe (Royal, App. 58)
  5. Mass "The Western Wind," for 4 voices: Credo
  6. If Love Now Reynyd for 3 voices
  7. Preface
  8. Mass "The Western Wind," for 4 voices: Sanctus
  9. My lady Wynkylds rownde
  10. Mass "The Western Wind," for 4 voices: Agnus
  11. O blessed lord, howmany this be, for 2 voices
  12. Yow and I and Amyas
  13. Hornpype, for keyboard
  14. Wher be ye my love, my love?
  15. Fa la Sol for 3 viols
  16. Taunder Naken for diverse instruments
  17. Audivi vocem de coelo, motet for 4 voices
  18. In Nomine, for 4 parts (arrangements exist for consort & for keyboard)
  19. Dum transisset sabbatum (i), motet for 5 (another version exists for 4) voices
  20. Westron Wynde, song
  21. The western wind, folk song
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