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The Scottish Lute ()

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composed by Anonymous, Anonymous, English, Anonymous, Jane Pickeringe's Lute Book, Anonymous, Scottish, Anonymous, Straloch Lute Book, English Traditional, Scottish Traditional

Since lutenist Ronn McFarlane's first Dorian disc The English Lute Song was both critically and financially successful, it was all but inevitable that one of his subsequent discs for Dorian would feature lute works from elsewhere in the British Isles. And so here we have McFarlane's The Scottish Lute: 56 tunes drawn from four different seventeenth century Scottish collections. Performing on either lute or mandora (a smaller cousin of the lute pitched an octave higher), McFarlane is called upon to do more in The Scottish ...

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  1. Drawe neare me and lowe me (from Jane Pickering Lute Book)
  2. A Scotts Tune (Jane Pickering Lute Book)
  3. The Scottish Huntsupe (Jane Pickering Lute Book)
  4. I long for the wedding, for lute
  5. I long for thy virginitie, for lute
  6. The Canaries, for lute
  7. Canaries, for lute
  8. I mett her in the medowe (from Skene Mandora Book)
  9. Lett never cruelite dishonour bewtie (from Skene Mandora Book)
  10. Jennet drinks no water (from Skene Mandora Book)
  11. A Scots Tune (The Rowallan Lute Book)
  12. Corne yairds, for lute (from the Rowallen Manuscript)
  13. Gypsies Lilt (from "The Rowallan Lute Book")
  14. A Scots Tune No. 1
  15. A Scots Tune No. 2
  16. Alace I lie my alon I'm lik to die awald (from Skene Mandora Book)
  17. Flowers of the Forest
  18. Remember me at evening (Skene Mandora MS)
  19. I will not go to bed till I suld die
  20. Port Rorie Dall, for lute
  21. Lilt Ladie An Gordonn, for lute
  22. Gallua Tom, for lute
  23. Whip my toudie, for lute
  24. Hench me Malie Gray, for lute
  25. Wo betyd thy wearie bodie, for lute
  26. Lesleis Lilt (from Skene Mandora Book)
  27. Pitt on you shirt on Monday (from Skene Mandora Book)
  28. Blew Breiks (from Skene Mandora Book)
  29. Ladie Laudians Lilt, for lute
  30. To dance about the Baikeis dubb (from Skene Mandora Book)
  31. My mistres blush is bonie (from Skene Mandora Book)
  32. A Scots Tune No. 3
  33. Its a wonder to see, for lute
  34. Port Preist
  35. An thou wert my ain thing, for voice & lute
  36. Port Jean Linsey, for lute
  37. Gabot (from Rowallen Lute Book)
  38. Untitled (I), for lute (from the Rowallen Manuscript)
  39. Current (Rowallen Lute Book)
  40. Volte
  41. Doun in yon bank
  42. Aderneis Lilt (from Skene Mandora Book)
  43. Ladie Cassiles Lilt (from Skene Mandora Book)
  44. I Serve a Worthy Lady, song
  45. Ane Scottis Dance, for lute (from the Rowallen Lute Book, 1620)
  46. Swit Sant nikcola, from the Rowallen Lute Book
  47. Untitled (II), for lute (from the Rowallen Manuscript)
  48. Untitled (III), for lute (from the Rowallen Manuscript)
  49. A Port (Rowallan Lute Book)
  50. Graysteil, for lute
  51. Put on thy sark on Munday, for lute
  52. The old man, for lute
  53. A Port, for lute
  54. Ladie Laudians Lilt, for lute
  55. I kist her while she blusht, for lute
  56. Adew Dundie (from Skene Mandora Book)
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The Scottish Lute
1992, Dorian

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