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The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King [Original Soundtrack] ()


The monumental task of scoring -- in rapid succession -- three of history's most anticipated films has done little to temper the fire that fuels composer Howard Shore's vision and enthusiasm. With each installment of New Line Cinema's Lord of the Rings trilogy, his seemingly bottomless cauldron of memorable motifs and affecting character themes washes over Peter Jackson's Middle Earth like a coat of varnish, bending each frame to its will. If The Fellowship of the Ring was its heart and The Two Towers its body, then The ...

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  1. A Storm is Coming
  2. Hope and Memory
  3. Minas Tirith
  4. The White Tree
  5. The Steward of Gondor
  6. Minas Morgul
  7. The Ride of the Rohirrim
  8. Twilight and Shadow
  9. Cirith Ungol
  10. Andúril
  11. Shelob's Lair
  12. Ash and Smoke
  13. The Fields of the Pelennor
  14. Hope Fails
  15. The Black Gate Opens
  16. The End of All Things
  17. The Return of the King
  18. The Grey Havens
  19. Into the West
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