The Family Album ()


With ten Roy D. Mercer albums in the racks, plus a line of T-shirts and other merchandise mentioned in the CD booklet and even a website, it's hard to believe that anyone in the intended audience for the fictional prank-call creation of Tulsa, OK, radio comedians Brent Douglas and Phil Stone doesn't already know about him, which would make them impervious to the calls themselves. Simply put, the duo, primed by a family member or fellow worker, call up some unsuspecting person and adopt the persona of the belligerent country ...

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  1. Sharon Gene: Soho Sitchiashun
  2. Chiropractor
  3. Giant Squarsh
  4. Raymond: Pharmacist
  5. Roy vs. Goldberg
  6. Coffee Shop
  7. Lateesha: Police Chief
  8. Music Store
  9. Roadie Rage
  10. Family Pets: Dead Rooster
  11. Poison Pansies
  12. Grass Fire
  13. Brand New Shots: Tragic Carpet Ride
  14. Bleeder of the Band
  15. Lateesha Godiva
  16. No Deposit, Don't Return
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The Family Album
2002, Capitol

UPC: 724354022623


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