The Anthology: 1968-1992 ()


Rhino's 2002 release The Anthology: 1968-1992 is essentially the highlights from their seminal 2000 box set, And It's Deep Too!, which contained the complete recordings (more or less) of Richard Pryor, the greatest comedian of his time and one of the great cultural forces of the 20th century. Since this is a clear case of recycling, it could be argued by some curmudgeons that there simply isn't a point behind this release, since it was all reissued. They're wrong, of course, since this not only does an excellent job of ...

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  1. Super Nigger
  2. Prison Play
  3. Nigger With a Seizure
  4. Have Your Ass Home by 11:00
  5. Black and White Life Styles
  6. Exorcist
  7. Niggers Vs. The Police
  8. Wino Dealing With Dracula
  9. Wino and Junkie
  10. Mudbone (Intro)
  11. Mudoine - Little Feets
  12. When Your Woman Leaves You
  13. Cocaine
  14. Acid
  15. Bicentennial Prayer
  16. Bicentennial Nigger
  17. New Year's Eve
  18. Discipline
  19. Heart Attacks
  20. Monkeys
  21. Being Sensitive
  22. Africa
  23. Freebase
  24. Hospital
  25. I Like Women
  26. M.S.
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The Anthology: 1968-1992
2002, Rhino

UPC: 081227840525


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