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Serenissima: Music from Renaissance Europe on Venetian Viols ()

performed by
composed by Anonymous, Anonymous, English, Anonymous, Italian, Antony Holborne, Augustine Bassano, Christopher Tye, Cipriano de Rore, Claude Le Jeune, Costanzo Festa, Heinrich Isaac, Ludwig Senfl, Orlande de Lassus, Osbert Parsley, Philip van Wilder, Pierre Sandrin

The tradition of Renaissance viol consort music can be difficult for the casual listener to get a handle on; the sound of the viols, wheezy and glassy when not played well, tires in large quantities, and the pieces mostly have the same texture and slow tempo. This release by Britain's Rose Consort of Viols is expressly dedicated to exploring the sound of Venetian instruments, in modern replicas, and indeed the rounded sound of these viols, all inspired by the single surviving example of a viol from Venice in the 16th ...

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  1. Contrapunti (125) on the cantus firmus "La Spagna": Centesima Terza
  2. Contrapunti (125) on the cantus firmus "La Spagna": Settuagesima Settima
  3. Contrapunti (125) on the cantus firmus "La Spagna": Nonagesima Terza
  4. Palle, Palle, song for 3 voices
  5. Altro non è el mio amor', madrigal for 5 voices
  6. La morte de la ragion, pavana à 4
  7. Gagliarda "La manfrolina"
  8. Pavana e Gagliarda "della Traditora", Venetian dance
  9. La mi la sol, in 4 parts (playable by instruments)
  10. Im Mayen hört man die Hanen krayen, lied for 5 voices (S. xviii/24)
  11. Ich stund an einem Morgen, song for 4 voices
  12. Ich Stuend an Einem Morgen, for 4 voices
  13. Ich stünd an einem Morgen, for 5 voices
  14. Fortuna ad voces musicales, for 4 voices
  15. O sacrum convivium, motet for 5 voices, M. xii (S. v/68)
  16. Fantasie à 4, for viol consort
  17. Doulce mémoire, chanson
  18. Doulce mémoire, chanson for 4 voices (from "Le Parangon")
  19. Missa Doulce Mémoire, for 5 voices: Kyrie
  20. Pavan and Galliard for 5 instruments
  21. In Nomine a 4 No. 2
  22. In Nomine a 5 ("Howld fast")
  23. Fantasia con pause e senza pause
  24. Paven, for 4 parts (from Thomas Wode's Partbooks)
  25. Gallyard
  26. Ronda
  27. La represa
  28. Fantasia a 3, for instrumental consort No. 2 in C major
  29. A Song of Mr Robert Parsons
  30. Pavan and Galliard for lute
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Serenissima: Music from Renaissance Europe on Venetian Viols
2014, Delphian

UPC: 801918341496


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