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Retaliation ()


Dane Cook's Retaliation is a fantastic combination of this hyper, cutting comedian's talents and the Comedy Central record label's fantastic attitude toward packaging. Here, fans get "100 minutes of new material" on the audio portion (new to CD anyway, as some of these routines are already Cook classics for bootleg-trading fans) and just about every appearance the "Dane Train" has made on the Comedy Central network. The network's handling of the late Mitch Hedberg was a little better since the CD/DVD combo barely overlapped ...

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  1. Intro/Riot
  2. Struck by a Vehicle
  3. Superbleeder
  4. Legacy
  5. Someone S#! t on the Coats
  6. Abducted
  7. Punkass/Are You Out of Your F#+In' Mind?!
  8. Driveway Intruder
  9. Car Alarm
  10. Heist/Monkey
  11. Bamf
  12. Dream House
  13. At the Wall
  14. The Chicken Sangwich/The Heckler and the Kabbash
  15. Intro/The Dane Train
  16. Itchy A**hole
  17. Superpowers
  18. The Friend Nobody Likes
  19. Obby
  20. Creepy Guy @ Work
  21. L-O-V-E
  22. Turn On's Slash Turn Off's
  23. Exaggerating GF/Bachelor
  24. The Nothing Fight
  25. Making Up
  26. My Son Optimus Prime
  27. One Night Stand/DJ Diddles
  28. Where's the Handle?
  29. Let's Do This, I'm a Cashew
  30. Shorties Watchin' Shorties
  31. Crank Yankers
  32. Unedited Comedy Central Bar Mitzvah Bash
  33. Unedited Denis Leary Roast
  34. Tourgasm Teaser
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2005, Comedy Central Records

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