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Red, White & Bruised ()


Originally planned for release during the election year of 2012, Red, White & Bruised didn't crawl out of its outhouse until 2013, but it retained its political concept, including the four "Political Announcements" (numbered "One," "Too," "Again," and "Fore") that close the set. There's also the off-concept track "Graveyard [Dancin' Around Mix]," where a classic Roy D. Mercer bit gets the techno-banjo treatment, as if there were techno clubs with spittoons just waiting for such hillbilly mayhem, but otherwise this is the ...

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  1. Don't Red on Me
  2. Takin' the Cake
  3. Motel 666
  4. Cussin' and Fussin'
  5. The Catfish Is Comin'! (Fishing Report)
  6. Roy Gets an NAB in His Bonnet
  7. You Don't Know the Halftime of It
  8. Pickin' and Grinnin'
  9. Not So Easy Rider
  10. Tired of Workin' for the Man
  11. Graveyard
  12. Political Announcement One
  13. Political Announcement Too
  14. Political Announcement Again
  15. Political Announcement Fore
  16. Graveyard
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