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My Lady Rich ()

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composed by Anonymous, English, Anonymous, Jane Pickeringe's Lute Book, Anonymous, Spanish, Antony Holborne, Charles Tessier, English Traditional, Giovanni Coprario, John Bartlet, John Dowland, Robert Jones, William Byrd

Vocalist Emily van Evera has participated in the making of many early music recordings over the years, mainly as a performer within a group, among them Taverner Consort, Hilliard Ensemble, Tragicomedia, Sequentia, and Gothic Voices. The most famous, and notorious, of van Evera's associations is her vocal portrayal of Hildegard von Bingen as set to an electro-disco backdrop for the EMI Angel album Vision. It sold boatloads of units, but did not help solidify van Evera's reputation. Avie's My Lady Rich appears to be the first ...

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  1. How Should I Your True Love Know?, folk song
  2. O he is gone
  3. And Is It Night?
  4. Mr Dowland's Midnight, almain for lute, P 99
  5. Weeping full sore, madrigal for 5 voices
  6. The Right Honourable the Lady Rich, her Gaillard (Dowland's Bells), for lute, P 43
  7. Hampton Court Masque (British Library, Add. MS. 10444)
  8. Come when I call, or tarry till I come, dialogue for 2 voices, 3 viols, 5 part chorus & 2 lutes (Third Book of Songs)
  9. Casche toy, celeste soleil
  10. Au joli bois
  11. Vuestros ojos tienen d'amor
  12. Reveillez vous, belle Cattin
  13. Corranto Lady Riche, for keyboard (Fitzwilliam Virginal Book, No. 265)
  14. In fields abroad, consort song for voice & 4 viols
  15. My little sweet darling, lullaby
  16. A la volta Mistress Lettice Rich, for lute (Margaret Board Lute Book)
  17. Surcharged with discontent
  18. The thrush did pipe full clear
  19. Then Hesperus on high
  20. Sweet, Stay Awhile (British Library Add. MS 29481)
  21. Work(s): A toy (Jane Pickering Lute Book)
  22. He is dead and gone, lady
  23. The Funeralles
  24. Funeral Teares, for 1-2 voices, lute & bass viol
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