Musa Latina: l'Invention de l'Antique ()

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composed by Anonymous, Italian, Antonius Capreolus Brixien, Bartolomeo Tromboncino, Cipriano de Rore, Claude Le Jeune, Franchino Gaffurio, Franciscus, Jacques Arcadelt, Petrus Tritonius

Opera was born, the inquirer into the genre's origins soon learns, when a group of Florentine experimenters trying to revive the power of ancient drama hit on a new kind of musical declamation. More obscure is the long history of such experiments over almost the entire Renaissance period, even though what was being reborn in the "Renaissance" was the culture of the ancient world. Daedalus ensemble director Roberto Festa notes in his booklet essay that the music sampled here "has escaped the attention of musicologists and ...

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  1. Invocatio Musarum, for ensemble
  2. Tempora labuntur, motet
  3. At trepida et c?ptis, ode for 4 voices, S. 8/54
  4. Miserarum est, for vocal ensemble
  5. Ut vidi, ut perii, for vocal ensemble
  6. Musices septemque modos planetae, for vocal ensemble
  7. La fiamma che m'abbruscia, madrigal
  8. O sonno, madrigal
  9. Poscimur, si quid vacui, ode for 3 voices, S. 9/65
  10. Mon coeur qui brusle, for vocal ensemble
  11. Les diverses douleurs, for vocal ensemble
  12. Qu'est devenu ce bel oeil, for vocal ensemble
  13. Iam satis terris, for vocal ensemble
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Musa Latina: l'Invention de l'Antique
2009, Alpha Productions

UPC: 3760014191442


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