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Much like his tragically short life, Nick Drake's music was defined by a beauty that was always entangled with bittersweet sadness. Though he only lived to see 26, the all too tiny body of work he left behind was enough to move and mystify generations of listeners. As it often is with the work of those who were ahead of their time and left the mortal plane too soon, we're left poring over Drake's slight discography, wondering where his enchanting melancholia came from and how it grew into some of the most plainspoken and ...

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  1. Happiness
  2. Little Weaver Bird
  3. Cuckoo Time
  4. Love Isn?t a Right
  5. Dream Your Dreams
  6. How Wild the Wind Blows
  7. What Can a Song Do to You?
  8. I Remember
  9. A Sound
  10. Ballad
  11. Woods of May
  12. Night Is My Friend
  13. Fine Summer Morning
  14. Set Me Free
  15. Breakfast at Bradenham Woods
  16. Never Pine for the Old Love
  17. Poor Mum
  18. Do You Ever Remember
  19. The First Day
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Molly Drake
2013, Squirrel Thing

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