How Big 'a Boy Are Ya?, Vol. 4 ()


By the fourth volume of How Big 'a Boy Are Ya?, it was abundantly clear that Roy D. Mercer had found his formula and was sticking with it. Those prank phone calls sold records, after all, and even if Mercer ain't particularly funny, you can't argue with sales. Vol. 4 might be his best record to date, but that's a relative term -- he's still not gonna rank among the best country comedians or prank phone callers, no matter how much more consistent his records become. If you've found him funny before, you'll find him funny ...

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  1. Love Birds
  2. Vet Bill
  3. Safety Goggles
  4. Pawn Shop
  5. Corndog
  6. Dead Goat
  7. Fingernails
  8. Varnished Frogs
  9. Arts & Craps
  10. Baby Sittin'
  11. Cotton Candy Wigs
  12. Berth-A-Baby Down 'Ere
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How Big 'a Boy Are Ya?, Vol. 4
1998, Capitol

UPC: 724349430129


How Big 'a Boy Are Ya?, Vol. 4
1998, Capitol

UPC: 724349430143


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