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Hilarious ()


On the appropriately titled Hilarious, standup comedian Louis C.K. writes off much his bitterness as a side effect of growing old, but growing wiser seems to have much more to do with it. His disgust with the class of 2010 and their lack of a connection to the real world -- if it doesn't plug into a USB port to charge, it's worthless -- makes for the comedian's richest set to date, and when he covers his recent divorce and the absurdity of reentering the dating world at 41, he elevates his material to a Pryor or Carlin ...

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  1. Intro/Dead People
  2. Being Single Again
  3. Hot Girls in Bars and Their Dude Counterparts
  4. Dumb Thoughts
  5. Currency
  6. Cell Phones and Flying
  7. The Way We Talk (Hilarious)
  8. Other People's Kids
  9. My 7-Year-Old Is Better Than Me
  10. My 3-Year-Old Is a 3-Year-Old
  11. Taking Sexual Inventory
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