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Gut Wind and Fire ()

performed by , ,
composed by Anonymous, Dublin Virginal Book, Anonymous, English, Anonymous, Jane Pickeringe's Lute Book, Anonymous, Scottish, Anonymous, Straloch Lute Book, Cesare Negri, Irish Tradtional, James Oswald, John Johnson, John Playford, Michael Praetorius, Orazio Vecchi

In case you couldn't tell from the title of this album, the Baltimore Consort is strongly in the "early music can be fun" camp. (An earlier album is called La Rocque 'n' Roll.) The fact that the group's performance practice is based on impeccable scholarship and the performers are masterful singers and instrumentalists makes them an ensemble that should appeal to purists as well as newcomers to early music. This collection of instrumental music is primarily compiled from eight of their previous CDs, with a few new tracks ...

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  1. Scotch Cap (The English Dancing Master, 1651)
  2. Gaillarde d'escosse (published by Pierre Phalèse, 16th cent.)
  3. Laroque galliarde (Liber Primus Leviorum Carminum, 1571)
  4. Alemande de Liège
  5. Doun in yon bank
  6. The Canaries, for lute
  7. Canaries, for lute
  8. All in a garden green (The English Dancing Master, 1651)
  9. Parsons Farewell
  10. The Beggar Boy (from John Playford's English Dancing Master)
  11. Jon come kisse me now (Musick's Delight on the Cithren, 1666)
  12. Newcastle (The English Dancing Master, 1651)
  13. Branle double
  14. Branle de Montirande
  15. Bransle de la Torche for 5 part instrumental ensemble (Terpsichore, 15)
  16. Lady Cassilles Lilt, traditional melody (a.k.a. Johnny Faa the Gypsy Laddie)
  17. The Chanter's Song
  18. O'Keefe's Slide, traditional melody
  19. Sixpenny Money, traditional melody
  20. Tenpenny Bit
  21. Clare Jig, traditional melody
  22. Sycamore, for lute, flute & bass
  23. Indigo Road, for lute
  24. My Lord of Oxenford's Mask (From Thomas Morley's "The First Booke of Consort Lessons")
  25. The Queen's Treble, for lute
  26. Bianco fiore (from Le gratie d'amore)
  27. La Catena d'amore (from Le gratie d'amore)
  28. So ben mi ch'ha bon tempo, aria for 4 voices
  29. Joyne Hands, for consort of instruments (from "The First Booke of Consort Lessons")
  30. Paven, for 4 parts (from Thomas Wode's Partbooks)
  31. Work(s): Unspecified Galliard
  32. Green Garters
  33. Pentland Hills, for ensemble
  34. Whip my toudie, for lute
  35. Remember me at evening (Skene Mandora MS)
  36. A Scots Tune, for lute
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Gut Wind and Fire
2007, Dorian

UPC: 053479060129


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