Freaked Out and Small [Bonus Tracks] ()


As the Presidents of the United States of America were turning out novelty hits in the mid-'90s, it was easy to take them for granted, ignore them, or even hate them, depending on your disposition. First of all, they were stuck in the midst of a flood of post- grunge guitar bands that turned on the fuzz boxes, bashed out a few chords, and occasionally hit a hook or two. POTUSA weren't all that musically dissimilar from those punk-popsters and sludge rockers, except for their knack for ingratiatingly catchy hooks and a ...

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  1. Tiny Explosions
  2. Nuthin but Luv
  3. Tiger Bomb
  4. Last Girl on Earth
  5. Jazz Guy
  6. Meanwhile Back in the City
  7. Jupiter
  8. Superstar
  9. Death Star
  10. Blank Baby
  11. I'm Mad
  12. Headin' Out
  13. Velvet Universe
  14. Hand in Hand
  15. Tiny Explosions
  16. Nuthin but Luv
  17. Tiger Bomb
  18. Last Girl on Earth
  19. Meanwhile Back in the City
  20. Jupiter
  21. Death Star
  22. Blank Baby
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Freaked Out and Small [Bonus Tracks]
2004, PUSA Music

UPC: 723721042950


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