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composed by Alfonso X (el Sabio), Alonso de Mudarra, Ambrosian Chant, Anonymous, 11th century French Polyphony, Anonymous, Carmina Burana, Antoine Busnois, Carlo Gesualdo, Christmas Traditional, Christopher Tye, Claude Goudimel, Clément Janequin, Francesco Landini

Discover Early Music is part of a series covering the history of Western classical music, from medieval times to the present day; each volume contains two CDs and a booklet of about 100 pages, mostly given over to a historical essay keyed to the selections included. One may wonder, when looking at these discs, why no one has done this before, especially in view of book publishers' inability to come up with a good single-volume history with any kind of readability and flair. The reason is that it would be difficult for any ...

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  1. Antiphonae post Evangelium
  2. Adorabo, alleluia
  3. Ordo Virtutum, liturgical drama: Procession
  4. Viderunt omnes, 2 part organum (attrib. to Leonin)
  5. Gaudete Christus est natus (Piae Cantiones 1582)
  6. Work(s): Cantiga de Santa Maria
  7. Exiit dilucolo rustica puella, CB 90
  8. Humils, forfaitz, repres e penedens
  9. Adieu ces bons vins de Lannoys, rondeau for 3 voices
  10. Non avrà mai pietà, ballata for 3 voices, S. 144
  11. Non avrà mai pietà, ballata for 3 voices, S. 144
  12. Veni Sancte Spiritus, isorhythmic motet for 4 voices, MB 32
  13. D'un aultre amer, chanson for 3 voices
  14. Alleluia, Verbum caro factum est, motet for 4 voices
  15. El grillo, song for 4 parts
  16. El grillo, song for 4 parts
  17. Missa "La Sol Fa Re Mi", for 4 parts: Kyrie
  18. Réveillez vous, cueurs endormis, chanson for 4 voices ("Le chant des oiseaux"), M. 2/67
  19. Passe & Medio/Den iersten gaillarde
  20. Work(s): Den III ronde - Den VI ronde - Les quatres branles
  21. Work(s): Gaillarde I - II - III
  22. In Nomine, for 4 parts (arrangements exist for consort & for keyboard)
  23. In Nomine a 5 ("Crye")
  24. Spem in Alium (also set as "Sing and glorify"), motet for 40 voices, P. 299
  25. Mass for 4 voices (SATB): Sanctus
  26. Psalm 130: Du fond de ma pensée
  27. The King of Denmarks Galliard, for 5 viols/violins & lute (from "Lachrimae")
  28. Flow, my tears, fall from your springs, for 2 voices & lute (Second Book of Songs)
  29. Greiner, Zancker, Schnöpffitzer, song for 4 voices
  30. Stat ein meskin, chanson for 4 voices (also attrib. Isaac)
  31. Work(s): Tiento for vihuela
  32. Tribulationem et dolorem inveni, motet for 5 voices, W. 8/57
  33. Lagrime di S Pietro (Tansillo), madrigal for 7 voices, H. xx: Il Magnanimo Pietro
  34. Missa Susanne un jour, for 5 voices, H. iv/121: Kyrie
  35. Beau le crystal, chanson for 4 voices, B. xi/57 (S. xii/94)
  36. O magnum mysterium, motet for 4 voices
  37. Missa Papae Marcelli, for 6 voices: Kyrie
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