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Das Lochamer Liederbuch: German Popular Songs from the 15th Century ()

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composed by Anonymous, Lochamer Liederbuch

The Lochamer Liederbuch (Locham Songbook) is from the Nuremberg area; the Locham name, just to confuse people who might be getting interested in the music, apparently stems from a notation made by one of the manuscript's early owners. Compiled around 1450, it's one of the first notated collections of German secular song, and it consists mostly of monophonic tunes. Most of the music is anonymous (diplomat Oswald von Wolkenstein is one of the few named composers), and in its melodic shapes it sounds like the French and ...

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  1. Wach auf mein hort der leucht dort her (Awake my treasure the dawn is here)
  2. Der winter will hin weichen (The winter will have to yield)
  3. Czart lip wie suß dein anfanck ist (Tender love how sweet is your beginning)
  4. Verlangen tut mich krencken (Longing sickens me)
  5. Mein hercz in hohen frewden ist (My heart rejoices greatly)
  6. Möcht ich dein wegeren (Would I desire you)
  7. Work(s): Do mit ein gut Jare / Der Summer (With a good year / The Summer)
  8. Ach meiden du vil sende pein (Alas separation, torment so full of yearning)
  9. Mit ganczem willen wünsch ich dir (With all my heart I wish you)
  10. Mein trawt geselle vnd mein liebster hort (My trusted friend and my dearest treasure)
  11. Anauois
  12. Paumgartner
  13. Mein frewd möcht sich wohl meren (My joy could become greater)
  14. All mein gedencken dy ich hab (All the thoughts I have)
  15. Ich sach ein pild In plaber wat (I saw a figure dressed in blue)
  16. Ich spring an diesen Ringe (I Dance in This Roundel)
  17. Es fur ein pawr gen holz (A peasant went to cut wood)
  18. Mir ist mein pfërd vernagellt gar (My horse has been shoed poorly)
  19. Ein vrouleen edel von naturen (A girl noble in nature)
  20. Wilhelmus Legrant
  21. Ellend dw hast (Sadness you have)
  22. Der Wallt hat sich entlaubet (The trees are now bare)
  23. Ellend dw hast (Sadness you have)
  24. Des klaffers neyden (The slanderer's envy)
  25. Benedicite almechtiger got (Blessing, Almighty God)
  26. Ich bin pey Ir (I am with her)
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Das Lochamer Liederbuch: German Popular Songs from the 15th Century
2008, Naxos

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