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Beneath the Northern Star: The Rise of English Polyphony 1270 -1430 ()

performed by
composed by Anonymous, Anonymous, English, Anonymous, Old Hall Manuscript, Anonymous, Worcester Fragments, Byttering, Gervays, J Excetre, Johannes Alanus, John Dunstable, Leonel Power, R. Chirbury, Thomas Damett

England's Orlando Consort has amassed a strong following and has evolved into one of the most popular groups exploring the early music vocal repertory. Their fans will likely be delighted to find them stretching back to the rarely recorded early English medieval era with this release, and even general listeners will welcome the music recorded here, in roughly chronological order (and be impressed that this vocal group can bring even very obscure music to the top of the classical charts). The program covers, as promised, the ...

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  1. Alleluia. Christo iubilemus, for 3 voices
  2. Stella Maris Nuncuparis, motet
  3. Spiritus et alme / Gaude virgo salutata, motet
  4. Ave mundi rosa
  5. Kyrie Cuthberte
  6. Sub Arturo plebs vallata/Fons citharizancium/In omnem terram exivit
  7. Salvatoris mater, O Georgi Deo, for chorus
  8. En Katerina solennia / Virginalis concio
  9. Agnus Dei for 3 voices
  10. Gloria for 3 voices
  11. Credo for 3 voices
  12. Credo
  13. Gloria
  14. Dies dignus decorari, isorhythmic motet for 3 voices, MB 26
  15. Gloria, for 3 voices, MB 2 (possible pairing with Credo MB10)
  16. Credo for 3 voices (Old Hall MS No. 74)
  17. Credo for 4 voices (Old Hall MS No. 90)
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Beneath the Northern Star: The Rise of English Polyphony 1270 -1430
2017, Hyperion

UPC: 034571281322


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