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  1. The Cutpurse
  2. Come ashore Jolly Tar & your Trousers on
  3. Never Love Thee More
  4. Gilderoy, folk song (a.k.a. The Scotch Lover's Lamentation)
  5. Lure, falconers, lure!, hunting madrigal
  6. In Eighty Eight
  7. The Sailor Laddie, folk song
  8. Epping Forest / The English Huntsuppe / The Old Mole, medley for instrumental consort
  9. The Cries of London / The Queen's Delight, medley for voice & consort
  10. The Countrey Lasse
  11. The Milke-maid's Life
  12. An Italian Rant / The Chirping of the Larke / The 29th of May, medley for instrumental consort
  13. The Recruiting Officer
  14. Sister awake!
  15. Waltham Abbey
  16. New Oysters, round for 4 voices
  17. 'Twas within a Furlong of Edinborough Town
  18. Wee Be Souldiers Three, for consort
  19. Sweet William
  20. Mad Tom
  21. The Faulconers Hunting
  22. Boate man
  23. The Maiden's Song, variations for keyboard, MB 82
  24. We be three poor Mariners
  25. Greensleeves, folk song
  26. Now is the month of maying, madrigal for 5 voices
  27. Joan to the Maypole
  28. Bellamira (from The English Dancing Master)
  29. Now the lusty spring is seen
  30. Willy prithee go to bed
  31. Greenwood / Hunt the Squirrel
  32. Come away come sweet love, for 4 voices & lute (First Book of Songs)
  33. Engels Nachtegaeltje (From Van Eyck's der Fluyten Lust-Hof)
  34. Beauty sat bathing
  35. All in a garden green, variations for keyboard, MB 56
  36. This Merry Pleasant Spring
  37. Woodycock
  38. Allons au vert boccage
  39. Jouissance vous donneray
  40. La terre n'agueres glacée
  41. La rousée du joly mois de may
  42. Divisions on Frais et Gaillard
  43. Quand ce beau pringemps je voy after Nicolas de la Grotte
  44. A jigge / Squirrel's lament / The squirrel's toy
  45. Ma belle si ton ame
  46. O Lustie May
  47. See, See the Shepheards' Queene for 5 voices (madrigal)
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All in a Garden Green: A Renaissance Collection
2013, Marquis Records

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