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Michael Franti's evolution from pissed-off punk to flip-flop-wearing jam band man is fascinating because he's come off as sincere on either end, and with his 2013 release, he continues to confuse and sooth in equal measure. Good news is, the confused feeling fades once the sun-drenched, feel-good vibes of the latter sink in, with "I'm Alive (Life Sounds Like)" offering the most immediate relief from the drudgery of the day, coming off as a sing-along, clap-along, or whistle-along triple threat for the nighttime campfire ...

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  1. All People
  2. 11:59
  3. I'm Alive (Life Sounds Like)
  4. Long Ride Home
  5. Life is Better With You
  6. Earth From Outer Space
  7. Closer To You
  8. Gangsta Girl
  9. Show Me a Sign
  10. I Don't Wanna Go
  11. Do It For the Love
  12. Let It Go
  13. On and On
  14. Wherever You Are
  15. Say Goodbye
  16. Life is Better With You
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All People
2013, Capitol

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