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Alessandro Striggio: Mass in 40 Parts ()

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composed by Alessandro Striggio, Sarum Chant, Thomas Tallis, Vincenzo Galilei

Writing in The Guardian , conductor and musicologist Robert Hollingworth finds a terrific metaphor that confronts head-on the elephant in the room (or the church) when it comes to performances of renaissance polyphony written in many, many parts: it's often experienced as "just a lovely gooey noise" and a "rich tiramisù of sound" that is layered, sweet, and sensually complex, but exceptionally dense and usually best consumed in small portions. To counter this virtual inevitability when voices are singing 40 (or in one ...

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  1. Ecce beatam lucem
  2. Missa "Ecco si beato giorno", for 40 voices
  3. Contrapunto
  4. Fuggi, spene mia, intermedi
  5. O giovenil ardire, intermedi
  6. Altr'io che queste spighe, madrigal for 12 voices
  7. D'ogni gratia et d'amor, madrigal
  8. O de la bella Etruria invitto Duce, madrigal for 5 voices
  9. Caro dolce ben mio, madrigal for 5 voices
  10. Miser'oimè, madrigal for 5 voices
  11. Spem in alium (Sarum plainchant)
  12. Spem in Alium (also set as "Sing and glorify"), motet for 40 voices, P. 299
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